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Program Management System - 20th BCCE - Taking Advantage of Cheap and Free Chemical Information Resources - Directory of free chemistry journals

Paper Title: Directory of free chemistry journals
Symposium: Taking Advantage of Cheap and Free Chemical Information Resources
Session: Session 1 of 1 [2008-07-31 08:00:00 - 11:00:00]
Paper Start Time: 09:40:00
Author: Aliaksandr Rahoisha
Presenter: Aliaksandr Rahoisha
Abstract: Accessibility of a great number of online chemistry journals is subjected to a mixed paying policy: the publisher may grant free access to a selected set of volumes (issues) while the admission to the rest of the database may be open just to subscribers or paying visitors. Quite often the information on the availability status is hidden deeply in the publisher's website pages. A user needs a clear reference to estimate the range of free online sources for efficient work with literature. Our directory ABC Chemistry: Free Full-Text Journals in Chemistry (http://www.abc.chemistry.bsu.by/current/) comprises about 500 fully and partly free chemical peer-reviewed journals and has information on the range and the time length of the free access. The reason for accessibility, e.g. publisher's promotional strategy, government's funding, Open Access Initiative, is of no importance in the case. The Directory is not merely a comprehensive reference resource but an educational tool also. At the Chemistry Department of the Belarusian State University we use it as a starting point for training students in navigation skills and in basics of information retrieval. The Directory comprises publications practically of every type that a researcher may encounter in the Internet, and it provides a valuable material for lessons on numerous topics (a typical structure of a publisher's and a journal site, common and distinctive features of search software, author and subject search, formats of online papers, DOI system, linked references, etc.)
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