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Program Management System - 20th BCCE - Taking Advantage of Cheap and Free Chemical Information Resources - How ChemSpider can benefit the pedagological process

Paper Title: How ChemSpider can benefit the pedagological process
Symposium: Taking Advantage of Cheap and Free Chemical Information Resources
Session: Session 1 of 1 [2008-07-31 08:00:00 - 11:00:00]
Paper Start Time: 10:20:00
Author: Antony Williams
Presenter: Antony Williams
Abstract: ChemSpider was founded on the premise that a “structure centric community for chemists” was lacking. The database, containing almost 20 million structures, can be used for the purpose of searching information including intrinsic properties, predicted properties, both experimental and predicted analytical data, and for the purpose of text and structure searching Open Access chemistry articles. Using ChemSpider students can learn how to interrogate and navigate an enormous quantity of information. They can learn how to integrate both text and structure queries and how to perform various types of structure searching including substructure and similarity searching. Their understanding of various representations of chemical structures such as molfiles, SMILES strings, InChIStrings and InChIKeys can be developed. As with all free access databases and internet-based knowledge students should learn how to validate web-based information. With the proliferation of web-based resources for data and information scientists must question the quality of those data. While they have access to an abundance of information on the ChemSpider database students must be conscious of quality and are given the opportunity to not only participate in the recognition of errors in the data but, should they choose, the curation of those data. This training and development of domain expertise will bode well for their future in research environments where the skills of text and structure based internet and commercial database searching will be utilized.
Abstract File:
Concept: How a free access website can provide benefit to students and teachers alike
Special Equipment: Internet access would be good but not absolutely necessary. Projector required
Demo Information:
Requested Duration: 00:20:00

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