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Program Management System - 20th BCCE - Taking Advantage of Cheap and Free Chemical Information Resources - Familiarizing students with chemical literature

Paper Title: Familiarizing students with chemical literature
Symposium: Taking Advantage of Cheap and Free Chemical Information Resources
Session: Session 1 of 1 [2008-07-31 08:00:00 - 11:00:00]
Paper Start Time: 08:05:00
Author: Luanne Tilstra
Presenter: Luanne Tilstra
CoAuthors: Rebecca DeVasher
Abstract: The Department of Chemistry at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology requires all majors to complete an undergraduate research project. Although some students start as early as their freshman year, most students complete a majority of their undergraduate research during their junior and senior years. To facilitate their preparation for this work, we require they take a course entitled ‘Chemical Literature’ at the end of their sophomore year. This course is designed to introduce them to the facilities available to them both at Rose-Hulman and electronically. In this talk, we will present the overall outline of the course, several specific resources we present to the students, and—perhaps most importantly—mechanisms we employ to encourage the students to become accomplished in using these sources to their advantage. We will also present results of a pre- and post-survey conducted in the spring of 2008 that identifies changes both in students’ awareness of and ability to use various resources.
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Special Equipment: projector for my laptop
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Requested Duration: 00:20:00

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