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First Name: Tyson
Last Name: Miller
Institution: University of Connecticut
Institution Type:
Department: Chemistry
City: Storrs
State: CT
Zipcode: 06269-3052
Country: USA
Phone: 860-486-3052
Fax: 860-486-2981
20th BCCE
21st BCCE

Accommodating Learning Modes in the Chemistry Classroom
General Papers
Curricular Revisions to Improve Student Learning
Educational Programs and Strategies to Enhance Student Success
Research Programs and Experiences at All Levels
Assessment in Chemistry Education
Laboratory Innovations and Investigations
Pedagogical Strategies for the 21st Century

Teaching a division-driven general chemistry course
Teaching "in-organic" stereochemistry: Using organic principles with inorganic complex ions
Online cross-course group work between chemistry and pharmacy students
Lost in translation: Assessment of stereochemistry through the use of a formal interview
Using semi-formal interviews to determine where students experience cognitive overload when visualizing the three-dimensional nature of molecules


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