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First Name: Maria
Last Name: Oliver-Hoyo
Institution: North Carolina State University
Institution Type:
Department: Chemistry
City: Raleigh
State: NC
Zipcode: 27695
Country: United States
Phone: 919 515-2212
Fax: 919-515-8909
21st BCCE

How Are College Chemistry Courses Taught Around the World?
Visualization Research in Chemistry Education

Extending quantitative problem solving methods to qualitative problems
From the research bench to the teaching laboratory - gold nanoparticle layering
Integrating lecture and lab throughout the chemistry curriculum
Hiring and promotion in chemical education
Development of Sensorial Experiments for Undergraduate Laboratories
Assessing students chemistry-specific visual-spatial skills in chemistry classrooms
Constructing chemical concepts at the nanoscale through analogy
Using the Visual Spatial Chemistry Specific tool, VSCS, to monitor gains in visualization skills


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