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First Name: Arlene
Last Name: Russell
Institution: UCLA
Institution Type:
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Zipcode: 90049
Country: USA
Phone: 310-825-7570
Fax: 310-825-4795
19th BCCE

Calibrated Peer Review: New Developments and Uses
Calibrated Peer Review(TM): Implementation and Assessment

Student performance on Calibrated Peer Review writing assignments
Documenting the scholarship of teaching in the new, augmented Calibrated Peer ReviewTM on-line writing and reviewing instructional program
Calibrated Peer ReviewTM: New features for students, instructors and authors
Calibrated Peer Review (version 5) - adding visuals to technical writing
Calibrated Peer ReviewTM (Version 4): Documenting the scholarship of teaching for faculty and building the confidence of student in their critical thinking abilities
Teaching quantitative graphing skills in an Excel-based world
Learning-to-write while writing-to-learn: New research with CPR

Calibrated Peer Review™ Version 4 (CPR4)– Supporting the Scholarship of Teaching
Calibrated Peer Review(TM) Version 5 (CPR5) assignment authoring workshop

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