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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Strategies for Student Engagement in General Chemistry

Symposium Title: Strategies for Student Engagement in General Chemistry
Descrption: This symposium explores the changing and diverse learning behaviors of today's students and presents the opportunities, challenges, and strategies instructors have developed for engaging students in general chemistry -- a mix of chemistry, science, and non-science students.
Program: 21st BCCE
Audience: College
High School
General Audience
Organizer: Roy Jensen
Part 1 of 2 [2010-08-02 09:00:00 - 12:00:00] - Roy Jensen, Presider
Start TimePresenterTitle
09:00:00 introduction
09:05:00Ron BriggsMaking chemistry fun again
09:25:00Kirsten CaseyBeyond lecturing: Active learning made quick and easy
09:45:00Al HazariPeriodic fun
10:05:00Sally MitchellEngaging students through measurement
10:25:00 break
10:40:00Brett McCollumHydrogen atom stairs, death of a chemist, and other games
11:00:00Kerry PickinUtilizing the diversity of student interests to tailor a chemistry course for non-science majors
11:20:00Betsy RatcliffHow we got off the Kill List
11:20:00 discussion
Part 2 of 2 [2010-08-02 14:00:00 - 17:00:00] - Roy Jensen, Presider
Start TimePresenterTitle
14:00:00 introduction
14:05:00David HansonImpact of a learning community on success in general chemistry
14:25:00Gwen LawrieCan we foster learning communities in large diverse first year chemistry cohorts through authentic assessment?
14:45:00David PatrickInstructional guidance for simulation-based homework tutorials
15:05:00Barbara StewartSeeking equity: managing PLTL resources in general chemistry

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