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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Research in Effectiveness of Active Learning Pedagogies

Symposium Title: Research in Effectiveness of Active Learning Pedagogies
Descrption: Papers reflecting studies on the effectiveness of active pedagogies, such as POGIL or PTL, are welcomed.
Program: 21st BCCE
Audience: General Audience
Organizer: Tina Mewhinney
[2010-08-05 07:30:00 - 10:30:00] - Tina Mewhinney, Presider
Start TimePresenterTitle
07:30:00 introduction
07:35:00Diane BunceEvaluation of effectiveness of POGIL on student achievement and process skills in general chemistry
07:55:00Adessa ButlerEffectiveness of guided inquiry on students’ comprehension of chemistry concepts
08:15:00Alexandra BrandrietTriangulating assessments: Multiple measures of student learning
08:35:00Juliette LantzANA-POGIL materials in the classroom – Preliminary analysis
08:55:00 break
09:10:00 discussion
09:30:00David HansonImpact of POGIL - In Context activities on proficiency in problem solving
09:50:00Betsy RatcliffWe built it: Can we get them to come?
10:10:00Sachel VillafaneAdvancing active learning in biochemistry: Student assessment data

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