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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Survivor Skills for 1st to 5th year Chemistry Teachers

Symposium Title: Survivor Skills for 1st to 5th year Chemistry Teachers
Descrption: National research data claims that one out of every five novice teachers leaves the teaching profession after only three years and 50% leave in the first five years. Often, these teachers are frustrated and feel overwhelmed because they are held to the same accountability standards as veteran teachers. One of the major reasons cited for leaving is the lack of support and guidance from the administration and colleagues. In this symposium, veteran teachers will offer themselves as role models for novice teachers or other educators seeking to improve and fine tune their classroom instruction and management skills. These veteran teachers will share a wide range of resources such as great lesson plans, teaching strategies, activities, projects or demonstrations that can help prevent novice teachers from having to "reinvent the wheel." There will also be a packet and prize drawing for each one-five year teacher attending the symposium.
Program: 21st BCCE
Audience: College
High School
Organizer: Laura Slocum
CoOrganizers: Doug Ragan
[2010-08-05 07:30:00 - 10:30:00] - Laura Slocum, Presider
Start TimePresenterTitle
07:30:00 introduction
07:35:00Kathy KitzmannOrganizing labs and demos ... you can do it!
07:55:00Jennifer StrahlStudent laboratory technician programs for high school
08:15:00Jill BarkerDemo and lab helps
08:35:00Paula ButlerHigh school chemistry teaching: My favorite tricks of the trade
08:55:00 break
09:10:00Linda WeberSheet protectors, card stock and chocolate jimmies
09:30:00Laura SlocumJCE: A high school teacher's best friend - Part 1
09:50:00Laura SlocumJCE: A high school teacher's best friend - Part 2
10:10:00 discussion

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