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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Communicating Chemistry: Demonstrations in the Classroom and Beyond

Symposium Title: Communicating Chemistry: Demonstrations in the Classroom and Beyond
Descrption: The purpose of this symposium is to share a range of views regarding the use of chemical demonstrations in classrooms and in other settings and to spark interest in old and new demonstrations. Learner attitudes can be influenced by watching teachers do experiments in classroom settings. Lecture demonstrations help focus students' attention on chemical behavior and properties, and increase students' awareness and knowledge of chemistry. To approach demonstrations simply as a chance to impress students with the "magic" of chemistry is to fail to appreciate the opportunity they provide to teach scientific concepts. Lecture experiments generally involve more student participation through greater reliance on "what if" questions and suggestions from students as the teacher manipulates the chemical system. In principle and in practice, every lecture demonstration conveys the teacher's attitudes about the experimental basis of chemistry, and through them teachers can motivate their students to conduct further experimentation and lead them to understand the interplay between theory and experiment. Lecture demonstrations should not, of course, be considered a substitute for laboratory experiments, where students work directly with chemicals and equipment at their own pace and make their own discoveries. Demonstrations presented in public settings and through print and electronic media will be discussed.
Program: 21st BCCE
Organizer: Bassam Shakhashiri
Part 1 of 2 [2010-08-03 09:00:00 - 12:00:00] - Bassam Shakhashiri, Presider
Start TimePresenterTitle
09:20:00 introduction
09:25:00Bassam ShakhashiriOn chemistry demonstrations and experiments everywhere: What, why, and how
09:45:00Stacy WittkoppThe science and art of communicating science: "Science Is Fun" student public presentations
10:05:00Robert BeckerChemistry demonstrations to teach by
10:25:00 break
10:40:00Kathryn WagnerFrom aah to aha: Using demonstrations to entertain and educate
11:00:00Ron PerkinsThe ammonia fountain demo: Far more than meets the eye
11:20:00 discussion
Part 2 of 2 [2010-08-03 14:00:00 - 17:00:00] - Bassam Shakhashiri, Presider
Start TimePresenterTitle
14:20:00 introduction
14:25:00Mary BojanDemonstrations: Introduction to what is happening on a molecular level
14:45:00Joel RosenbergDemos for informal educators
15:05:00Stacey BrydgesEngaging the non-science major in interactive chemical demonstrations
15:25:00 break
15:40:00Jennifer ImelAqueous iron(III) complexes: A demonstration of the spectrochemical series
16:00:00Jennifer ImelTeaching chemical demonstrations: A graduate course for high school teachers
16:20:00 discussion

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