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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Producing ___casts for Your Chemistry Courses

Workshop Title: Producing ___casts for Your Chemistry Courses
Descrption: With every year new tools are available to create multimedia "casts" (e.g., podcasts, screencasts, vidcasts) and increasing numbers of chemistry educators are using them in their courses. While most people that that producing these “casts” is difficult and time-consuming, producing high-quality “casts” is actually easier and faster than you might think. This workshop will provide attendees with a hands on experience to record their own multimedia presentations using various software and hardware tools (including both PC, Mac, and Tablet PCs). Attendees will be encouraged to bring their own computers for use during the workshop, and/or use available onsite computer lab facilities. Also, bring your own pics/videos/presentations/ideas and see how easy it is to get them ready for the web! Trial versions of many popular programs used to create these “casts” will be provided to the attendees.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Keith Walters
CoLeaders: Owen Priest
Commercial: Non-commercial
Number of times to offer workshop: See extra information
Day: half day
Fee: $15-20 (see extra information)
Minimum Participants: 5
Maximum Participants: 0
Room: CHEM 232
Space: Computer lab preferred (see extra information)
Computer: Multimedia projection required (see extra information)
Demo: No demo chemicals/space needed.
Extra Information: Audience - Geared towards chemistry instructors at all level that could benefit from the usage of these multimedia “casts” in their teaching. Presentations will focus both on how to do them and what people have learned from their application in teaching. The maximum number of participants stems from the number of seats in an available computer lab/multimedia-equipped lecture space. Fee - The cost of this workshop will be minimal, as no chemicals/supplies will be needed. We anticipate the major costs to only be handouts and media (DVD, USB drive) containing trial software/documentation to distribute to the attendees. These costs should not be greater than $5 per attendee, bringing the possible cost to be $15-20 (including the requested $10 administrative fee). This cost could be higher should multimedia equipment/computer lab rental be necessary. We may be able to secure reduced pricing for some of the demonstrated software, but the purchase would be optional and therefore not included in the workshop cost. Time - The leaders have also proposed a symposium on this topic for other “experts” in the field to present, so we are suggesting that symposium occur early in the conference and the workshop the following day(s). The leaders are experts in both PC and Mac usage, and are undecided if it would be more appropriate to have separate PC and Mac sessions or combined session(s). The leaders are willing to hold multiple workshops should there be sufficient interest. The workshop should be scheduled as a half-day. Issues - A facility with multimedia projection is essential to present this workshop, and a computer lab is desired (possibly one with additional space for attendees to set up their own laptops). Again, the maximum number of participants is linked to the available facility.
Itemized Expenses: See extra information.

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