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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Gasses and Masses

Workshop Title: Gasses and Masses
Descrption: In this hands-on workshop, you will use an innovative kit for students to explore the properties of gases. You will build a model that you can use to help teach mass spectrometry. A fee is charged to help defray the cost of the kits you take with you.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: John Eix
CoLeaders: Irwin Talesnick
Number of times to offer workshop: 1
Day: half day
Fee: $40.00
Minimum Participants: 10
Maximum Participants: 30
Room: BIOL 111
Space: Room with tables and access to water and electrical outlets
Computer: Will provide computer but will need a data projector
Extra Information: A cylinder of Carbon dioxide with regulator if possible
Itemized Expenses: Mass Spectrometer Kit EQ 130 list price $39.95 pV Kit EQ 877 list price $30.00 SKUs and list prices from S17 Science web site, for workshops I can purchase the kits for $15.00 each. Fee = $10 to BCCE + $30.00 to me to pay for kits

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