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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Chemistry Experiments for Outreach to Elementary School Students

Workshop Title: Chemistry Experiments for Outreach to Elementary School Students
Descrption: This workshop will be a hands-on experience of three experiments that we use in our visits to elementary schools around the province of British Columbia. Each student that we meet does an experiment that is appropriate for their age group, typically Kindergarten - grade 2, grades 3-5, grade 6 and above. The experiments are (a) making slime (b) making an indicator and identifying an unknown kitchen powder and (c) analyzing the thiocyanate in saliva. We will describe the structure of the program known as Scientists and Innovators in the Schools but the primary focus of this workshop is to let the participants see how it works in their own hands.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Dave Berry
CoLeaders: Kelli Fawkes
Commercial: No
Number of times to offer workshop: Once
Day: half day
Fee: 35
Minimum Participants: 9
Maximum Participants: 24
Room: CHEM 137
Space: a lab for 24 persons
Computer: no
Demo: Chemicals and equipment are to be used. To be shipped Victoria to Denton if component chemicals cannot be supplied: unknown samples - baking soda, washing soda, cornstarch, sugar, Epsom salts, Plaster of Paris, chalk 200 mL iodine solution (4 g I2 + 4.8 g NaI in 200 mL 50% EtOH), 200 mL aqueous sodium hydroxide (1.25%) 25 mL phenolphthalein solution 4 L of 0.200 M iron(III) nitrate.9H2O in 0.5 M HNO3 0.5 L of 2.00 x 10-4 M KSCN oxalic acid 100 g To be purchased by us in Denton: Borax (is this still available in supermarkets in the US?) baking soda vinegar cans of 7-up red cabbage (readily available in Texas?) bleach To be borrowed from UNT?: 5L dewar for carrying liquid nitrogen 8 buret stands To be purchased from UNT: ~ 500 g dry ice - needed to purchase from UNT ~ 2 L liquid nitrogen - needed to purchase from UNT 250 mL 1M NaOH To be brought with us: Strips of polyvinyl alcohol, cold water soluble (cut from hospital laundry bags). Dixie cups, 5 oz plastic beakers, 100 mL disposable plastic Petri dishes 10 mL plastic graduated cylinders water wash bottles, 125 mL sample vials disposable Popsicle sticks Highlighter pens zip-loc bags candles Alka-Seltzer tablets glass beakers, 2 x 4L, 2L, 1L, 600 mL erlenmeyers 2 x 250 mL wash basins x 5 large stir-rod large straws limewater 2 x 4 L kits containing 2 test-tube racks, mortar & pestle, erlenmeyer (125 mL), dropping bottles containing, vinegar (empty), indicator (empty), 2 spatulas, powder funnel, 4 test tubes, 2 x 10 mL graduated cylinders, water wash bottle. filter paper 125 mm wide-mouth dewar small dewar with handle extra test tubes cooler for dry ice sink strainer solubility demo test tubes graduated cylinder 2 L syringes & needles Science World treats tongs mitts lab mat 8 x 6 ft centrifuge with correct inserts 2 (or 3?) Novaspecs 8 buret clamps 5 x 3 burets white cards 4 x 150 mL plastic waste beakers 4 x 250 mL plastic water beakers 4 x 400 mL plastic Fe3+ beakers 5 sets of 6 x 50 mL Erlenmeyers 4 test tube racks 5 sets of 9 cuvettes 30 disposable centrifuge tubes 26 disposable pipettes 15 pipet syringes 15 100 mL volumetric flasks 28 disposable beakers 30 disposable pipettes and bulbs Kimwipes 3 rulers 3 pencils 6 graph paper 26 workshop booklets uv beads clean up gear: dustpan & brush J-cloths sponge plastic jug bleach wipes garbage bags Safety supplies to be brought by us - gloves & glasses. sample student lab coats hand sanitizer No gas (except a small quantity of carbon dioxide from baking soda/vinegar) or smoke to be generated. No special ventilation needs requested.
Extra Information: Sunday strongly preferred No potential problems predicted. We are used to running this event in a gym or grade school classroom as well as in our undergraduate labs. Can you please let me have contact information of someone who can advise on supplies. We will need to decide what we must ship vs what we can readily buy at UNT.
Itemized Expenses: Budget of Expenses: cost of producing booklet $250 cost of shipping box of chemicals $250 cost of purchasing household chemicals in Texas $50 cost of dry ice at UNT $25 cost of liq nitrogen at UNT $25

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