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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Inquiry-based Activities for General Chemistry: I - Intermolecular Forces

Workshop Title: Inquiry-based Activities for General Chemistry: I - Intermolecular Forces
Descrption: All general chemistry courses teach about intermolecular forces but students often have misconceptions about their physical basis and relative strengths. The purpose of this workshop is to provide several inquiry-based activities for teachers of general chemistry to help students explore the physical basis and avoid these misconceptions. The activities introduce three types of intermolecular forces by interpreting boiling point data of the group IV-VII hydrides. We continue with activities that use these forces to explain familiar properties of water. For example, we explain the high boiling point of water relative to other hydrogen bonding molecules by building hydrogen-bonded networks, which also explain the relative density of ice. We introduce energy diagrams in the context of relative rates of evaporation of nonpolar molecules, alcohols and water. Finally, we apply these concepts to a biological molecule by building models of DNA bases to explain why the bases pair as they do. The workshop will model inquiry-based learning by having participants complete the activities and then discuss them.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Nadia Marano
CoLeaders: Samantha Glazier
Laura Eisen
Jonathan Mitschele
Number of times to offer workshop: one
Day: half day
Fee: $10
Minimum Participants: 8
Maximum Participants: 40
Room: ART 223
Space: classroom with moveable chairs and tables (or desks)
Computer: computer that can project on a screen needed
Demo: We will be using some common chemicals - ethanol, hexane, water to show rates of evaporation. We will need a hotplate (possibly with extension cord depending on the room set up) to show relative heat capacity of water and ethanol. We will bring venier equipment to plug into the computer
Extra Information: A room with chairs that can be rearranged for group work. We are planning two related workshops with our colleagues Laura Eisen and Jon Mitschele. We plan the intermolecular forces workshop for the morning and another on entropy for the afternoon. The two workshops should be in the same room. We would prefer to present the workshops on Monday. John Gelder appeared by accident and I can't seem to delete his name as coleader - he is not part of this workshop
Itemized Expenses: As long as ethanol and a tiny quantity of hexane are available without charge, we have no for chemicals expenses. For copies of worksheets $10 (if we have 40 participants)

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