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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Designing and Implementing Safety Programs Embedded in the Curriculum

Workshop Title: Designing and Implementing Safety Programs Embedded in the Curriculum
Descrption: The 2008 ACS CPT Guidelines for Bachelor’s Degree Programs reaffirm that undergraduate chemistry programs must include safety education “as in integral part of the chemistry curriculum” and that “throughout their studies students must experience safety procedures and processes.” Further, “because safety is an integral part of scientific education, questions related to safety should appear in examinations.” Conversations with industrial chemists regularly reveal that graduates of undergraduate chemistry programs are woefully under-prepared with regard to safety. This workshop will explore the reasons for “inadequate preparation” with the intent of designing arguments and models for improved safety instruction. Participants with “good” safety programs are encouraged to share what they do. Participants with “improve-able” safety programs are welcome to share their challenges. The goal of the workshop will be to help everyone upgrade their safety programs. The motto of the workshop will be “Don’t let perfect stand in the way of good.”
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Dave Finster
Number of times to offer workshop: Once
Day: half day
Fee: $10
Minimum Participants: 10
Maximum Participants: 24
Room: LANG 104
Space: Classroom is OK; small group work is planned, so movable chairs and small tabels preferred.
Computer: Multi-sync projector preferred, but not essential
Demo: None
Extra Information: It is OK to schedule this later in the week. If BOTH the safety symposium and this workshop "go," it would be best to have this workshop after the symposium.
Itemized Expenses: None

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