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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Inquiry-based Activities for General Chemistry: II - Entropy

Workshop Title: Inquiry-based Activities for General Chemistry: II - Entropy
Descrption: Entropy is one of the more difficult topics covered in general chemistry, and students often have trouble understanding both the concept of entropy and the role that entropy plays in many of the phenomena that are studied in the course. In this workshop, based on the approach used in the American Chemical Society’s general chemistry textbook, we begin with activities designed to help students explore the meaning of entropy. We then investigate the role that entropy plays in a variety of phenomena, including heat transfer, osmosis, phase change, and colligative properties. We also examine the common misconception that the solubility of ionic compounds depends primarily on energy changes. In order to model the inquiry-based pedagogy, participants will do the activities and then discuss how they might be used in a classroom setting.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Laura Eisen
CoLeaders: Jonathan Mitschele
Number of times to offer workshop: one
Day: half day
Fee: $10.00
Minimum Participants: 8
Maximum Participants: 40
Room: ART 223
Space: A room with moveable tables and chairs so participants can work in groups.
Computer: A projector for a laptop
Demo: We will be doing one demo with sodium chloride and ice. Other than that we will only use household items (including rubber bands, and a hair dryer.)
Extra Information: We are planning two related workshops with our colleagues Samantha Glazier and Nadia Marano. We would like to do the intermolecular forces workshop in the morning and this entropy workshop in the afternoon. The two workshops should be in the same room. We would prefer to present the workshops on Monday.
Itemized Expenses: The only expense will be for photocopying the worksheets and instructor supplements that we will be giving to the participants.

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