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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Editing Wikipedia and the ChemPRIME General Chemistry Wiki

Workshop Title: Editing Wikipedia and the ChemPRIME General Chemistry Wiki
Descrption: Collaborative workspaces like Wikipedia have a huge impact on the way we learn and work, so some experience with using them in educational settings may become an important professional skill.

Recognizing the power of wikis in education, we have developed the free ChemPRIME wiki General Chemistry text. ChemPRIME is transformative in the way it presents the subject in multidisciplinary Tracks, each presenting General Chemistry topics through “Exemplars” from disciplines including Food chemistry, Sports, Medicine, Biology, and Geology. A unique track, “CoreChem” is an evolving wiki version of the General Chemistry text Chemistry by Collins, Davies, and Moore, which establishes the traditional, progressive development of concepts for all Tracks. Users may add Exemplars specific to the various fields which inspire students to learn the chemistry.

This workshop will provide online practice with wiki editing in Wikipedia and ChemPRIME, which run on the same MediaWiki® “engine”. We’ll provide experience with the general architecture of wikis, basic wiki editing, uploading graphics and Jmol models, markup languages, licensing policies, and discuss the use of wikis in an educational setting.

Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Ed Vitz
CoLeaders: Justin M. Shorb

Commercial: no
Number of times to offer workshop: 1
Day: half day
Fee: $10.00
Minimum Participants: 6
Maximum Participants: 16
Room: GAB 550 A
Session: Monday Afternoon [2010-08-02 14:00:00 - 16:50:00]
Space: computer lab;
Computer: require computers with internet access; AV on presenter computer if possible
Demo: no chemicals; computer use only
Extra Information: Any day/time is ok.
Itemized Expenses: $10 administrative fee only; $10.00 total

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