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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Introduction of Metrology to the Analytical Chemistry Curriculum

Workshop Title: Introduction of Metrology to the Analytical Chemistry Curriculum
Descrption: An understanding of metrology, as it applies to analytical chemistry and quantitative analysis, adds value to the educational background and real-world readiness of students as they enter the analytical science workforce. It is particularly advantageous in the placement and employment of students in analytical science laboratories embracing international quality management systems and accreditation. As such, metrology is creating a new paradigm for chemical analysis in the 21st century. It is increasingly based on harmonization strategies which are recognized internationally for improving accuracy and establishing comparability of chemical measurement results over time and space. This lecture-based workshop introduces and elaborates on the concepts and principles of metrology as part of a comprehensive, coherent measurement system for building upon many of the traditional subject areas of chemical analysis. Participants learn formalized metrological aspects of analytical chemistry including reference material standardization (for calibration, method validation, and quality control), traceability, and estimation and reporting of measurement results. Examples of metrology in analytical chemistry are presented for applications in clinical, environmental, forensic, industrial hygiene, and nutritional analysis.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Jerry Messman
Commercial: Non-commercial
Number of times to offer workshop: One (1)
Day: half day
Fee: $10
Minimum Participants: 5
Maximum Participants: 25
Room: LANG 104
Space: Classroom
Computer: None required by participants
Demo: No
Extra Information: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to integrate concepts and principles of metrology into their analytical chemistry and quantitative analysis courses.
Itemized Expenses: None

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