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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Scientific Soapmaking: The Chemistry of Handcrafted Soap

Workshop Title: Scientific Soapmaking: The Chemistry of Handcrafted Soap
Descrption: In the past 20 years a cottage industry has grown around the production of soap on a relatively small scale. Only a minimal physical plant is needed to produce custom-formulated soaps on a scale from 10-100 lbs per batch. This cottage industry is made up primarily of women producing soap and selling it at craft fairs, boutiques, on the internet, and to hotels desiring private-label soap. The science of soapmaking touches on many chemical topics, including stoichiometry, equilibrium, and the properties of acids, bases, alcohols, esters, and oils. This workshop would be appropriate for high school and college faculty desiring to teach a course for students interested in handcrafted soap as a business or hobby. It would also be appropriate for faculty wanting to include a soapmaking module as part of another course. Workshop fee includes a copy of the book, Scientific Soapmaking. Website: ScientificSoapmaking.com.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Kevin Dunn
Commercial: no
Number of times to offer workshop: 1 or 2 (depending on interest). This workshop was given at the 20th BCCE for about 20 people. I am willing to give the workshop twice if the organizers want me to.
Day: half day
Fee: My costs will be $30 each. The $10 minimum would bring that to $40.
Minimum Participants: 20
Maximum Participants: 40
Room: CHEM 106
Space: classroom or lecture hall.
Computer: a computer projector and screen (I can provide a laptop if need be)
Demo: I will demonstrate several soapmaking techniques and analytical procedures. I will call upon workshop participants to assist.
Extra Information: I will need a table or bench with access to electrical outlets. A sink would be handy, but not required.
Itemized Expenses: oils, caustic soda, Scientific Soapmaking book ($30), and shipping to and from the conference.

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