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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - AP Chemistry: An Inquiry and Forensic Approach towards Chemical Experimentation

Workshop Title: AP Chemistry: An Inquiry and Forensic Approach towards Chemical Experimentation
Descrption: Have you found a single lab manual that truly works for your AP Chemistry course? Do you find that you still have to search thru many lab manuals to find adequate AP labs? Wll, look no more! We have developed an AP Chemistry Experimental Manual that incorporates Inquiry Based and Forensic Activities along with some of our favorite AP experiments developed or modified over the many year we have taught. These experiments have been designed to challenge your AP students and get them to think! Most Chemistry courses include laboratory experiments that give explicit instructions that are designed for students to follow; to get the 'right answer'. Students give little thought as to the experimental process. This workshop is designed to help to get the AP student to think about and plan for the experiment before they arrive in the laboratory. Some of the experiments will be performed during the workshop. Each participant will receive a CD containing the lab manual that includes detailed teacher notes for each lab that allows for modification of each experiment; a picture of virtually all setups is included on the CD. This workshop was first offered at ChemEd 2009 to a full house. We suggest bringing goggles and a lab apron for this workshop.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Jesse Bernstein
Number of times to offer workshop: once or twice
Day: half day
Fee: 30
Minimum Participants: 0
Maximum Participants: 30
Room: CHEM 280
Space: laboratory for 30
Extra Information:
Itemized Expenses:

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