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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Before, During and After Class Learning Cycle Activities

Workshop Title: Before, During and After Class Learning Cycle Activities
Descrption: Examples of instructional materials for “before”, “during”, and “after” class meetings using an inquiry oriented instructional strategy (the Learning Cycle Approach) will be presented during this workshop. The activities for before, during, and after a particular class meeting are linked together and address specific learning objectives for the course. The Before Class Exploration (BCE) is a web-based exercise that students do before they attend a lecture. It will usually consist of a data collection activity using a simulation program along with a few questions about the data. The activity will run through a web browser and should require only 10 to 15 minutes of a student’s time to complete. Upon submission of the BCE, students receive a copy of their responses and, when appropriate, an expert’s response to the same questions for comparison. The instructor can access all student responses to the BCE prior to lecture to gain a better picture of the student’s pre-existing knowledge. The During Class Invention (DCI) will use data generated in the BCE and along with questions/problems develop a concept that focuses on a course learning objective. The DCI is designed to be completed by small cooperative groups to allow for some self-instruction. Students can report their consensus response for the instructor’s consideration using a student response system and/or by turning in a written response. The After Class Application (ACA) is a web-based set of questions that will allow students to apply their knowledge of the concept introduced by the BCE and ‘invented’ by the DCI. The questions on the ACA will be both conceptual and algorithmic.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: John Gelder
CoLeaders: Michael Abraham
Tom Greenbowe
Commercial: No
Number of times to offer workshop: Once or twice
Day: half day
Fee: $10
Minimum Participants: 20
Maximum Participants: 20
Room: GATE 141
Space: We would like a computer laboratory for this workshop
Computer: It would be nice if the room had a computer and computer projector for the presenter.
Demo: No demonstrations using chemicals
Extra Information:
Itemized Expenses:

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