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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - POGIL: Introduction

Workshop Title: POGIL: Introduction
Descrption: This workshop will provide an introduction to POGIL: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning. (http://www.pogil.org) Participants will be introduced to the fundamental principles and philosophy of this student-centered, group learning pedagogy, and will experience a POGIL classroom from a student perspective. There will also be an introduction to the structure of a POGIL activity, and some data on student learning outcomes will be presented.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Rick Moog
Number of times to offer workshop: twice if you think that many people will want to do it
Day: half day
Fee: $15
Minimum Participants: 12
Maximum Participants: 40
Room: GATE 137
Space: classroom with tables of four
Computer: need projector, will bring computer
Demo: none
Extra Information: We will likely add/change presenters. Please let me know what the deadline is for this to be done. This workshop should be as early in the program as possible as it will be a prerequisite for several of the other POGIL workshops. We could accommodate more people in a single session if that would work better for the program and the facilities.
Itemized Expenses:

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