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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Facilitating POGIL in an Upper Level Course: Analytical Chemistry

Workshop Title: Facilitating POGIL in an Upper Level Course: Analytical Chemistry
Descrption: Process oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) has been used in the teaching of nearly all sub-disciplines of college chemistry. However, implementing POGIL in an upper division course such as analytical chemistry presents some unique challenges that distinguish teaching this type of course from teaching in general and organic course sequences. The goals of this workshop are to a) introduce users who are already familiar with POGIL to newly developed materials for analytical chemistry; b) help instructors develop implementation strategies that lead to effective use of these materials in an upper-level classroom and c) discuss assessment strategies an instructor could use to gauge the success of POGIL materials in analytical chemistry or related courses. These goals will be accomplished through a 45 minute introductory session followed by an hour long interactive session where participants will work through selected POGIL analytical chemistry materials. A discussion of implementation and assessment strategies will take place, led by the facilitator. A prerequisite for participation in the workshop is a familiarity with the POGIL approach and POGIL materials. Previous attendance of at least one POGIL workshop is encouraged since this will not be an introductory workshop.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Juliette Lantz
Number of times to offer workshop: 1
Day: half day
Fee: $20.00
Minimum Participants: 12
Maximum Participants: 24
Room: ART 223
Space: This workshop will require one room configured with tables for working teams of 3-4 participants.
Computer: The room needs computer projector and a white or chalk board.
Demo: No chemicals or special safety features are required for this workshop.
Extra Information: One time half-day workshop. I have no day preference, but if possible I would like to avoid being scheduled at the same time as other POGIL symposia or workshops.
Itemized Expenses: Copying, assembly, and shipping of workshop binder: $10.00/participant BCCE workshop minimum fee: $10.00/participant

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