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Program Management System - 21st BCCE - Modeling Stable & Radioactive Nuclei, Radioactive Decay, and Half-Life

Workshop Title: Modeling Stable & Radioactive Nuclei, Radioactive Decay, and Half-Life
Descrption: Using inexpensive materials, participants will learn how their students can construct models for nuclei of both stable atoms and radioactive isotopes. These models are used to help demonstrate different types of radioactive decay. Participants will also learn how to use simple classroom activities that help teach the half-life concept. Presenter Tim DeVries is an exhibitor with the American Nuclear Society.
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Charles Vincent
Commercial: non-commercial; presented by a not-for-profit organization -- 501(c)3
Number of times to offer workshop: one or two
Day: half day
Fee: no fee beyond your minimum $10
Minimum Participants: 10
Maximum Participants: 30
Room: MATT 108
Space: need table tops or level desktops for hands-on activity
Computer: only NEED SCREEN; we have our own computer and projector available
Demo: Presenter will lead participants in hands-on activities using inexpensive materials. Focus is on teaching concepts related to radioactive isotopes, radioactive decay, and half life.
Extra Information: We request a two hour (2 hour) presentation slot(s) scheduled to avoid conflict with exhibit times (prefer 3-5 pm) on Monday and/or Tuesday Audience is pre-college/general Materials/Equipment include: marshmallows, plastic bags, toothpicks, markers, licorice/Twizzlers, M&M candies, Geiger Counter, lantern mantle, printed information sheets
Itemized Expenses: no expenses to charge

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