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Workshop Title: Chemistry of Art in the Laboratory
Descrption: This workshop will introduce college and university faculty to several lab activities relating chemistry and art. The workshop is modeled after a 5-day intensive workshop for college and university faculty (The Chemistry of Art) conducted under the auspices of The Center for Workshops in the Chemical Sciences (CWCS). The half-day workshop will consist of 4 or 5 lab activities facilitated by facilitators and alumni of the CWCS Chemistry of Art workshop. Activities will include: analysis of coins using a homebuilt paramagnetic apparatus; analysis of paints and pigments by reflectance spectroscopy; modifying the surface of metals; preparing and comparing cyanotypes and diazo blueprints. The activities are appropriate for use in general education lab science courses for non-science majors as well as in general, organic and analytical chemistry courses for science majors. The CWCS is supported by the NSF, DUE, CCLI Program (DUE-0618678)
Program: 21st BCCE
Leader: Patricia Hill
CoLeaders: Nathan Bower
Jeffrey Fieberg
Deberah Simon
Commercial: non-commercial
Number of times to offer workshop: two times — preferrably morning and afternoon on Wednesday
Day: half day
Fee: $15
Minimum Participants: 12
Maximum Participants: 24
Room: CHEM 283
Space: Need lab space with access to 4 balances, at least one sink with water, and 1 hood to contain ammonia odor
Computer: Need electrical outlets for three computers
Extra Information: Need access to 4 balances Need safety goggles Need access to at least one sink with water Need at least one hood to contain possible ammonia vapors Need electrical outlets for three computers. Materials List 1) Analysis of Coins samples of various metals samples of archaeological and numismatic coins balances 2) Analysis of Paints and Pigments 3 AvaMouse® Reflectance Spectrometers 3 Laptop computers samples of various artist’s pigments for analysis samples of various inks for analysis samples of paintings for analysis 3) Modifying the Surface of Metals Niobium metal wire (20 and 24 gauge) Niobium metal earring wires 9-volt batteries alligator clip wires Saturated borax solution (electrolyte) Jewelry pliers Jewelry wire bending rigs 4) Blueprints Negatives for making prints (acetate film) Overhead projector Cyanotype paper (commercially available) Water Washing trays and tongs Hairdryers Diazo paper (commercially available) NH-3(aq) in covered large mouth jar tongs Scissors Glass microscope slides Adhesive copper foil (1/4”)
Itemized Expenses: Niobium wire and earring findings $1.50/participant Cyanotype paper (Solar Print Paper) $8.00 Diazo Paper $5.00 Materials for homebuilt paramagnetic apparatus $5.00/participant Pigment samples $10.00 Element Standards $30.00 Microscope slides (1 box) $6.00 Adhesive copper foil $5.00

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